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Kawaii fashion is a style that originated in Japan and is characterized by its cute, vibrant, and childlike aesthetics. Over the years, several subcategories or types of kawaii fashion have emerged, each with its own unique features and influences. Here are some of the popular types of kawaii fashion:

Harajuku: Harajuku fashion is frequently an exuberant, colorful blend of punk and femininity, typically including a range of kawaii goods, traditional Japanese kimonos, baby-doll dresses, charming accessories, pigtails, goth makeup, false eyelashes, and platform shoes. This form of street fashion emerged primarily in the Shibuya neighborhood of Tokyo's Harajuku district.The earliest fashion trend involved fusing traditional Japanese attire with western clothing.


Lolita: Lolita fashion is perhaps one of the most well-known subcultures within kawaii fashion. It is inspired by Victorian and Rococo clothing and is known for its modest, doll-like dresses, petticoats, and elaborate accesories.   



Decora: Decora fashion focuses on excessive layering of colorful accessories, such as hair clips, bows, plastic jewelry, and stickers. It often involves mixing and matching patterns and bright, eye-catching colors.

Fairy Kei: Fairy Kei fashion draws inspiration from the '80s and '90s aesthetics and often features pastel colors, dreamy motifs, and a nostalgic vibe. It typically includes oversized sweaters, tulle skirts, knee-high socks, and whimsical accessories.

Pastel Goth: Pastel Goth combines elements of gothic fashion with pastel colors. It embraces dark themes and imagery, such as skulls and crosses, while incorporating pastel hues into the clothing, hair, and makeup.

Yume Kawaii: Yume Kawaii translates to "dreamy cute" and features a blend of cute and fantasy elements. It incorporates elements like pastel colors, plushies, unicorns, and fairy tale motifs.

Pop Kei: Pop Kei fashion is influenced by the colorful and playful style of the '80s and '90s pop culture. It includes bold patterns, oversized silhouettes, layers, and a mix of vintage and modern fashion elements.

These are just a few examples of the types of kawaii fashion that exist. Kawaii fashion is highly diverse, and individuals often incorporate their own unique touches and combinations to create their personal style within these subcategories.

Its hard to choose just one, but, which one is your fave?? let us know!
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