About Us

Kawaiitify was born as a hope project. After a long period of real grown up things going on, rekindling with the cute, innocent and fuzzy feelings of a fluffy  plush or finding a bit of comfort coming to a cute happy space, browsing through pastel pinterest posts, who can stay sad or angry with that around?

Creating it gave us a way to rebel against sadness, and brighten the darkest of days.

Kawaiitify is a way of challenging oneself to see things trough a much kinder and lighter lenses in a world where darkness and lack of empathy are becoming the norm.

Its a space for those who want to find little things that bring us joy and gives the aww! so cute! feelings <3

We find the best for you to express your perfect, brightest kawaii self. We also aim to give you a fun experience and share a bit about the cultural movement that has taken the world by storm, in or blog.

Lets Kawaiitify our lives!! Lets enjoy the adorable, fun, fashion, innocent (but rebel) world of the kawaii.


Happy browsing uwu