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Beauty Eggs 7 pack

Beauty Eggs 7 pack

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1. Wet and dry, the volume becomes larger after soaking in water, which can reduce the situation of edible powder.
2. There are obvious pores on the surface of the imported sponge, making your makeup more difficult.
3. The material is soft and elastic, close to the skin and very comfortable to use.
4. There are several colors to choose from, and the color scheme is very fresh, which can satisfy the heart of your young girl.
5. Each sponge bottle has several cut shapes and surfaces, which can be adapted to different parts of your face to help you create a perfect makeup.
6. The transparent bottle design prevents dust from entering, making your choice easier.
7. Drying: used for powder and loose powder. Advantages, shadows, etc .; wet: for foundation, BB, primer, air cushion, etc.

Size: 8 * 14cm
7 pieces / puff box of cosmetics + transparent jar (depending on the color you choose)
Cleaning method:
Put the sponge eggs in a plastic bag and pour the appropriate amount of cleaning solution. After soaking for a few minutes, wipe gently (do not remove with fingernails). After cleaning, place them on the beauty egg rack to dry to prevent mold.

1. Please note that due to the effects of lighting effects, display brightness / contrast settings, etc., the website photos and actual items.
2. Measuring items by hand, the difference may be 1-3 cm, your understanding will be greatly appreciated.

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